What is SexyShorty

What is SexyShorty, well for all intents and purposes it’s where my eye candy/glamour photography will be featured. Also it’s dual purpose is to help promote those who appear in my eye candy / glamour photography. So with that in mind you may see a model who also works as a dancer, but in no means is every model who appears on this site is a dancer. You see since the late 90’s the line has been blurred with urban modeling since many music videos started to book exotic dancers in their videos. Now that’s not to dumb down urban modeling it’s just that when you have a beautiful curvy woman of color with revealing clothes on many are quick to associate that with her being a stripper.

With that said… again we may feature models who dance as well as models who don’t. Ultimately the goal here with SexyShorty is to promote my photographic work, the models and to sell a few t-shirts all while sharing stories of my adventures in this biz.

I hope this clears things up and if not hey I’m an open book feel free to contact me with any question you may have.