Feature Model Questionnaire


Once the images are shot for your feature we use this questionnaire to share a little about you with the viewers. This is a great way to connect to not just the viewer but potential clients who may want to hire you for features, hosting etc.

We ask that you fill out the questionnaire entirety as it will be displayed along with your feature here on SexyShorty.com.

SexyShorty.com Model questionnaire for features on the site

Model info/stats:

Name/Stage Name:*
Your best feature:*
Most Disliked feature:*
How long have you been modeling/dancing:*
What's the craziest pickup line someone has said to you:*
When you started modeling what were the biggest obstacles you faced:*
What do you feel the most sexy in (summer dress, boyshorts etc):*
Qualities you look for in a potential mate:*
What are your turn ons:*
What are your turn offs:*
Favorite song right now:*
When relaxing what do you wear:*
When turning in for the night what's your choice - pjs or birthday suit:*
What is your idea of a romantic date:*
Favorite food:*
Next step in your career modeling or otherwise:*

Where can people find/follow you on social media:

Other (if not mentioned above):