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Going through the archives I came across an old favorite from our 2010 calendar shoot with Milan. She’s not just a house favorite but a fan favorite!

Now that everything is in place we here at have decided to open up our submission form for models who would like to be featured on the site. And check out of FAQ about submitting to be featured on

Chressia Models

Our photographer recently shot this lovely young model from Philadelphia named Chressia Models. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her (as I’m always being ushered from one meeting to the next) but from what our photographer has told me

We recently had the pleasure of finally meeting and photographing Ms. Tiffany Stage aka DivaGoddessGirl. And to those who follow her on FB and Twitter should know that Ms. Barrett keeps one hectic schedule, model, actress, teacher and dancer. With

Mercedes Sedec

Fellas it’s rare that you find both a beautiful and funny model… I recently was blessed to find this in the lovely Mercedes Sedec. Truly this beauty is one that any man would love to call his own, eh nonetheless

Mizz Kristel recently had the honor of working with the beautiful Mz. Kristel. After getting a few shots in the bedroom we headed down to the pool area for a few pics. All in all it was a blast working with


You know this session had to be special for our photographer to allow us to use his bed as a prop ( Sorry Tuck you do have a big ass bed though). This was our first time shooting with both