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Mocha Afro Goddess

Sometimes the pimpin’ GOD shines down on you and blesses you with a woman who fulfills each and every lustful desire. Recently I was in the liquor store (one of my favorite places) and bumped into a mocha colored afro

Mizz Dark Chocolate

Here are some more files recovered from a damaged hard drive. I met Mizz Dark Chocolate via Instagram and I invited her to the studio for a test shoot. She came through and I had my favorite MUA Shy Stilletto work

I finally got to photograph Pam Atk, it only took several months for me to finalize a schedule (totally my fault she was always game). I have to admit she’s the first local actress I’ve had the honor of working

We finally got the beautiful Sherah Black back in the studio with Definitely be on the lookout for more images from Sherah Black.

Model and exotic dancer Robin Thick came through and blessed the site with some awesome images.

While working on a joint promotion venue opportunity I was introduced to Snow Whites tatted and let me say that she is most certainly is. And I definitely had to get this beauty in front of my camera. As with all

Let me share an encounter I had with this broad… for the sake of protecting the trifling broad kids I’ll just call her Elkton. I met Elkton a few ticks back and ended up being hired to retouch some images

Host, model and entrepreneur SlimbutImThick is definitely a woman on the move.

Many say chocolate girls are making a comeback, honestly I never knew they left and Smooth Novacane is who I’m using as an example. This sexy chocolate long curvy leg dancer from Philly is a personal friend and fav. No

I was looking to do something sexy and classy on my next shoot, so with that I reached out to one of my favorite models to work with. The idea of working with Savairr in lingerie and a big hat