SexyShorty.com is an Urban Glamour model photography company that features aspiring female glamour & eye candy models. Our goal at SexyShorty.com is to take these aspiring models to the next level by giving them high quality images to help them secure paid work in the modeling industry therefore, leading them in the direction of a successful career in glamour modeling.

SexyShorty.com has been a strong source in which companies approach to provide/recruit models to host their events and draw the crowd in. SexyShorty.com has been responsible for introducing many urban glamour & eye candy models to various clients as well as having models appear in thousands flyers, CD/DVD covers, promo materials, websites and logos as early as 1997.

SexyShorty.com has created and developed event and promotional materials for clients as well as providing an exclusive look using models that they have recruited and placed on marketing materials within specifications of the client’s needs. SexyShorty.com looks to provide aspiring urban glamour models with the opportunity to gain exposure by enlisting them to appear on promotional materials for various events, obtaining hosting gigs/functions as well as help them to gain the proper exposure to secure video, modeling employment as for SexyShorty.com the duty is not only to create promotional materials but to promote the very same urban glamour & eye candy models featured on those materials and to give them the exposure needed to start a career as a model whether it be Urban Glamour, Eye Candy & Video model.