October 29, 2017

Mocha Afro Goddess

Sometimes the pimpin’ GOD shines down on you and blesses you with a woman who fulfills each and every lustful desire. Recently I was in the liquor store (one of my favorite places) and bumped into a mocha colored afro wearing curvy goddess. After making some small talk we exchanged numbers and social media profiles (I guess the thing to do nowadays). So, I said why wait and sent her a text asking if she’d like to do dinner and drinks. She accepted and we went to a local seafood restaurant as you know the chicks love seafood. We had a great time a dinner and I knew things were going to be interesting as she started rubbing my calf with her feet under the table. I know so cliché but I was already thinking about what positions I was going to have that ass in.

Dinner was great and she basically polished off a bottle of wine on her own which I didn’t mind. After dinner, I suggested my place as I’m always more comfortable at my home base. She follows me back to the spot and I’m so glad my housekeeper was just there, as I didn’t want to set any bad examples with a junky place. As soon as I gave her the mini-tour that ended up in my bedroom. She proceeded to tongue me down like she’s been wanting it more than me. Gosh, her mouth was warm and moist I couldn’t wait to have my dick in her mouth. Which she must have sensed it because she knelt down to pull my dick out and started licking, sucking and hugging on it like it was the best she ever had.

Slowly I started to pull her clothes off as she did with mine. I laid down on the bed and she climbed on top of me and slowly started rubbing her clit all over my shaft. And trust me she was so beautiful and skin was so soft I had to keep a steady breathing pace in order not to bust too soon. But once she put me inside of her it was freaking magical. Her ample ass filled both of my big hands and her hips were all over my neck and face. Then she requested that I hit it from the back, so I rolled her over and began pounding that pussy like it was the last pussy I was EVER going to get.

She whispered to me “slow it down daddy, I like nice long slow strokes” and you know I honored that request as that nut was on its way but I needed this to last a bit longer. Slower and longer strokes did help me last so I’m grateful for that. After a few more position twists and turns, she said to put it in my face daddy. So, I pulled out yanked the condom off and let her suck it until I felt like I was going to explode. She then asked if I want to come in her mouth or her face. Me being greed said how about a little of both, boy you should have seen my face when she said heck yeah.

So, the first few skeets I released was on her face when she placed me in her mouth and swallowed the rest. Gosh, I was so freaking turned on when she came up to kiss me I had no problem letting her. Shit, it didn’t even matter that I just busted in her face, she was so beautiful I was just happy that she was moved just as much as I was. As we laid there hugging and cuddling she asked if I’d mind if she stayed the night. Why of course I’d love nothing more than to be laid up with you all through the night. She then said of daddy I’m going to hug that beautiful dick of yours all night and I want rounds 2-3-4. Man, I was so hyped that I was going to get some more pussy from this mocha colored queen that I excused myself to grab us some water. But secretly I knew I was in for the long haul and wanted to have my A game because that pussy was oh so good.  I had some Viagra pills I got from my uncle for just an occasion such as this one. I popped on 100mg pill brought us both a bottled water and we cuddled some more, making small talk until she felt my dick getting hard again.

Then she started sucking me off with her ass in the air, so I started playing with her pussy and gosh it was so wet. She came up started kissing on me and said put the condom on and hit this pussy from the back again daddy. But this time do some damage but keep those strokes long please. Man it felt like I was pounding that pussy forever and she must have felt it too as she was so ready for me to bust to the point when I yanked the condom off she immediately started sucking, slurping (something about that slurping noise when getting your dick suck makes the nut come quicker) and stroking my dick till the nut came and she took it all in her mouth. Damn, I was spent but I had that damn pill in my system so although I wasn’t rock hard it was firm. She sat there looking at and was like damn daddy you want more, why yes mommy I want more. Well, let’s take it on the pool table baby. She led me by dick to the pool table and we went at it which for whatever reason I never fucked anyone on the pool table. I did make sure not to bust and get any on the table, but being the trooper, she is she swallowed every ounce.

We headed back to the bedroom and slept pretty good, she let me fuck two more times and she rolled out later that afternoon. But promised we’d hook up again. We stayed in touch and had some great sex many other times but as with many sexual adventures, the R-word came up and when things didn’t grow towards that we kind of drifted apart. It’s been a few months and every now and then she hits me, we fuck and she goes home. How long that will last only time will tell, or till some dude wifes her up.