March 4, 2016
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The Backpage broad from Elkton

Let me share an encounter I had with this broad… for the sake of protecting the trifling broad kids I’ll just call her Elkton. I met Elkton a few ticks back and ended up being hired to retouch some images of hers. Now normally I don’t hire myself out as a retoucher but Pole A Thon was coming up and I’d rather ball out with some extra dough than the day gig dough. So I took the gig and for a moment there I was really regretting it as retouching this broad’s stomach was like a whole new level of digital plastic surgery. Now I’m not against stretch marks but the way her’s was looking she should have gotten some REAL plastic surgery. Nonetheless I did my thang and the client and the broad were happy with the end results.

This broad loved my work so much that she wanted to hire me for a few other retouching gigs. And knowing how messed up her stomach is I had to up my price like threefold. She agreed saying with my skills she was going to be able to make that money back. So now I’m curious how the fuck are you going to make money as the moment they see you in person the gig is up. She explains to me that once the guy commits the last thing he’s worried about is some damn stretch marks. Are you with me because at the time I was confused as fuck, what did she mean once he committed? Well the light had shined on me the  moment she gave me the photos to retouch.

And let me start by saying it wasn’t just her stomach she wanted retouched, she needed some creative tattoo removal and skin lighting. See this broad was putting ads on BackPage under female escorts. Let me take a moment to bring those of you who are not familiar with this up to speed. See there is no more street walkers, the hoes have moved to the internet. The only joints you see walking the street either:

  1. Has no smartphone or access to computers/tablets
  2. A major drug user/abuser
  3. All of the above

See with the internet and smartphones these new millennial hoes are posting ads online under GFE (Girl Friend Experience) or Escorts. And at one time this was only possible on adult forums or Craig’s List, but Backpage is the now and let me tell you they go hard as fuck on there. Well back to the story at hand, see Elkton started off as a stripper but after having kid #1 her boobs started to sag and she had that mommy pouch and NO ASS. So she figured she put herself out on backpage and start racking in some dates in hopes to earn enough to get a tummy tuck, boob lift and ass implants. Then she would be good to go back to the club and make some money dancing and dating with some more backpage clients.

See the thing is she was working in this one club in Dover, DE where the owner was hipped to the game of strippers making backpage posts and dating during the club’s closed hours. And the owner wasn’t having that as they new it would be a matter of time before their BS would make it into their club. So this owner scoured the backpage ads looking for anyone who resembles one of his workers so he could kick them to the curve. Well Elkton knew this so she had me not just retouching her stomach but removing her tats and changing her complexion up in hopes that it would fool the owner if they came across her post/images.

And you know when it comes to money I can really careless what the client decides to do with the images. So I retouched them and I gotta say I put my foot into it, so much so she damn near didn’t recognize herself in those images. Now this broad took those images and made her little escort post on backpage and I guess it worked because she came back again and again with more photos for me to retouch. By now Elkton is funding my new computer, some new lenses and a few dinner dates.

And just when I was getting used to the dough this broad hits me up and says she’s going to be out of commission for a few months. And I’m like why? What’s up? You going to jail or something worse, Elkton says nah not jail but I’m pregnant. Whoa what wait you’re pregnant? You had a boyfriend while you were posting escort ads on backpage? She said no…. family let me tell you that this dumb broad got knocked up by a ‘regular’ because neither one of them had any condoms.

A regular is someone who knows the prostitute on a deeper level than any other client, for layman’s terms you can say a regular is about as close of a friend to a prostitute but is still expected to pay for services rendered, although they may give them a discount due to their guaranteed repeat patronage.

Hold up you’re out here selling pussy and YOU didn’t have any condoms? That’s like a construction worker showing up without his steel-toe shoes, wearing flip flops instead. Who the fuck does that? Apparently Elkton does, which made me cringe. If you’re out here fucking ‘regulars’ without protection heaven knows what you’re walking around with? And now you’re going to bring in a bastard child (hey don’t get mad at me but having a baby by someone who paid you for sex that child is a bastard in every sense of the word). Gosh how are you going to explain to the kid that you’re dad paid for that pussy from where you came?

Well folks shes due around Spring/Summer…

The moral to this story is man these new age hoes are something else!