March 23, 2016
Tucker (11 articles)

Robin Thick – Model – Dancer

Model and exotic dancer Robin Thick came through and blessed the site with some awesome images. This twerk star from Wilmington, DE caught the eye of one of our friends who recommended that we link up with her. Luckily enough she came to the studio and we managed to capture some great images and to tell us a little about herself.

Photography : Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography
Makeup : Kim for Makeup by Kim

Name: Robin Thick
Height: 5’6
Location: Wilmington, DE
Best Feature: My eyes and my ass
Most Disliked feature: My chin
How Long modeling/Dancing: 2 yrs dancing / 4 yrs modeling
Craziest pickup line said to you: Did you fall out of heaven
What do you feel the most sexy in: Boyshorts
Qualities in a potential mate: A man who’s stable and secure
Turn ons: Intelligence
Turn offs: Immaturity
Favorite song right now: Bryson Tiller Don’t
When relaxing what do you wear: Birthday suit of course
What is your idea of a romantic date: Take me somewhere new / surprise me
Favorite food: Pizza & Cheese Fries
Next step in your career: To be published and to make money of course.

Instagram: iam.robinthick
Facebook: Robin Thick