March 12, 2016
Tucker (11 articles)

Dancer – Model – Snow White

While working on a joint promotion venue opportunity I was introduced to Snow Whites tatted and let me say that she is most certainly is. And I definitely had to get this beauty in front of my camera. As with all my shoots I like to get to know my subject so I ran off a few questions which Snow White was happy to answer.

Me: How long have you been dancing and have you thought about modeling?
Snow: Dancing for 5 years and I’m working on being a tattoo model.

Me: Being a dancer what is the CRAZIEST pickup line someone dropped on you?
Snow: I once had someone offer me $50k for marriage and a green card.

Me: When you got started dancing what was your biggest obstacle you faced?
Snow: Because I’m pretty people assume I’m stuck up and conceited. Makes it hard for people to approach me as well as for me to get along with other girls.

Me: When it comes to clothes what do you feel most sexy in?
Snow: A maxi summer dress is my absolute favorite.

Me: What qualities do you look for in a potential mate?
Snow: Outgoing, something going for themselves, great personality, and you definitely have to make me laugh.

Me: What are your turn ons?
Snow: Confidence, scent

Me: Turn offs?
Snow: Know it all, stubborn

Me: Favorite song right now?
Snow: Fly Shit Only – Future

Me: When relaxing what do you wear?
Snow: T-Shirt & boy shorts or sweats

Me: It’s bedtime what’s your pick PJ’s or birthday suit?
Snow: Birthday suit of course LOL

Me: Your idea of a romantic date?
Snow: Beach dinner. Which means going to the beach and eating at one of the restaurants where u can see the ocean.

Me: Speaking of dinner what is your favorite food?
Snow: Sushi or crabs

Me: Okay how to find you on social media
Snow: On Instagram | @snow_whitestatted
SnapChat @Snowstatted