February 15, 2015
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Sexy and Snowed In

Snowed in

Being snowed in has a place in my heart ever since I was snowed in with a wonderful slim-thick 5’4 beautiful sexy female from club moët in Philadelphia. It’s actually interesting how we ended up at my place in East Falls together. I was working at the club as so was she and it was a slow night and the manger decided to close up early since there was a pending snow storm forecast for our region. So after shutting down she asked me what was I up to as it wasn’t late but too early to call it a night. I told her that I was heading home to make some drinks and make it a movie night since I stockpiled major liquor, food and movies since hearing about the storm. So she said she’s kid free for the night since her mother has her child for the week and wanted to know if I’d mind if she tag along. So being the nice guy and not wanting to be stuck in a storm all alone I said sure. We made a quick run to her spot so she can grab some clothes and what ever else a female needs for a night (or two) from home.

Now folks I know I work in a strip club but not once prior to this event did this lovely dancer and I have any moments of chemistry. But you know the universe has a way of presenting what’s best for you at any given moment. Once we arrived at my place I gave her the mini tour, kitchen where the food and liquor is kept, bathroom, bedroom (of course) and living room where I anticipated we’d spend a lot of our time watching movies, talking and drinking. Shortly after arriving she shares with me that she always dug how I kept it professional with the girls especially seeing how my peers go from one to another. I just shared with her that making money is more important that meaningless sex… that is till PGW starts taking coochie coupons for payment then I might change my stance on that. She goes on to mention that it was her hopes that I would be available so she could get to know me better and away from the club.

And I guess deep down I knew it was more to our situation than just two coworkers hanging out during a snow storm and I’d be lying to say my heart did skip a few ticks once she suggested staying with me throughout the storm. So I mentally prepared myself during the car ride for what I knew was going to be a memorable night.

For the life of me I can’t recall what movie was on perhaps A Low Down Dirty Shame, but once that liquor kicked in I found myself face to face with this mocha skinned beauty leaning in to taste her soft lips. And I know the feeling was mutual the moment she placed her hands on my cheeks and gently stuck her tongue out to lick my lips prior to our kiss. Gosh that kiss felt like it lasted for hours. Her lips had a sweet southern peach taste and I knew she was mine the moment I hugged her and heard a sweet soft moan as she accepted how powerful my hug on her was. Before I knew it she pushed me back on the couch and shut off the TV to replace our ambient noise with a slow jam mix CD I had in the disc player.

Next she said for me to relax and allow her to dance for me. So who am I to say no, she slowly came up to me to the sounds of Jodeci Freekin You. Slowly taking her clothes off and me trying to keep my composure as I was geeking like fuck knowing I’m about to lay down with this beautiful mocha skinned lady. It was at that moment the whiskey I was drinking took a hold over me. By now she was down to her bra and panties with her heels still on and I’m still trying to keep a straight serious face but by now my smile has given me away as she knew I was totally captivated by her performance.

She comes over and sits on me gently kissing me all over and again I’m trying to keep my composure but her lips are so sweet and soft that I lose myself in each and every kiss. Eventually we make our way to the bedroom. And here’s where things become interesting, she first enjoys how large my bed is (California Queen) and how clean my room is for a guy ( I guess most guys keep sloppy rooms). But we quickly get back to what we’re there for as we’re both thirsting for multiple kisses and caresses.

I lift her up on to my princess and the pea size bed, slowly pulling her panties down with my teeth while she runs her hands through my locs. She quickly takes off her bra showing her perky teenage like breasts and I start to disrobe as I’ve been fully dressed the entire time boots and all. Once I’m down to my skivvies she pulls me closer and for the 1st time our skin is upon skin and my mind is racing a mile a minute thinking of what to do next and not to end things before it starts.

See grabs me by my hair and forces her tongue down my throat with such velocity that I almost choke. But I maintain my composure to keep the flow moving steady and slow. I then climb on the bed to be along side her as she motions for me to lay on my back slow straddling me with her ass facing me. She then places something in her mouth which later I realize is a condom and she proceeds to put it on me. Then she turns around and sits right up on me, now being deep inside her both of us let out a mutual moan that sets the tone for what’s about to go down.

We fluidly go from position to position from stroke to stroke. And let me say that her ‘other lips’ taste just as good as the ones on her face. There was a moment when she was going down on me that I think I blacked out as when I awoke she was riding me reverse cowgirl and I had both hands on her ample cheeks like my life depended on it. Then it happened she yelled that she’s coming and for me not to stop. Many ladies don’t know but yelling you’re coming and don’t stop kind of rushes our climax as well. But I manage to hold on till her body went limp, then she asked if I would cum on her stomach and being the guy that I am I pulled off the condom and proceeded to fulfill her request.

Afterwards I pulled her up off the bed and led her to the bathroom where I made sure I was prepared for the lobster hot shower as women rarely use any cold water when in the shower. And we both too what seemed like a long ass shower only to get out and rub each other down with olive oil.

Oilve Oil is better than baby oil as it’s naturally absorbed into the skin and nowhere near as messy

As we left the bathroom I took the opportunity to lift her up into my arms and carry her to the bedroom where I gently laid her down and climbed into bed next to her. And as she scooted her nice round behind towards my pelvic area I hugged her making sure my forearm was across her lovely breasts and kissed the back of her neck till we both dozed off asleep. Only to be awoke with her slowly licking and sucking me off knowing that it’s time for round two!