March 31, 2014
Tucker (17 articles)

Barbie Taylor

This brown skin beauty from out of Northern Delaware named Barbie Taylor has been on our radar to get a feature here on and the time has arrived. Actually this feature isn’t the first time we’ve had her on the site as she was our featured model when we unveiled our t-shirt line. But enough with the shameless plugs. Ms. Taylor is one of the most lighthearted free spirited models we’ve had a pleasure of featuring, that is when she can keep her head out of her phone (insider).

Speaking with Ms. Taylor I asked what she loved about modeling and for her it was meeting new people. I also inquired what she disliked about it and she stated having to lose a certain amount of weight in order to fit into certain clothes, but she knows this is the business and what some may consider curvy and beautiful some fields call full figured and to work you must fit the client’s vision.

Right now Barbie Taylor is working hard to make the move from promotional/event hosting model to print model with any one of the highly read men’s publication. This is something I can truly see her accomplishing.














Name: Barbie Taylor
Height: 5’6
Shoe size: 8
Located: Wilmington, DE
Best Feature: Lips
Disliked Feature: Stomach

Qualities she looks for in a potential mate:
Just someone that loves to have fun & down to earth

What are your turn ons in a potential mate:
Just a hard working man, with a nice ass smile

Omg bad breath & ugly feet!

Favorite song right now:
Rich homie Quan: Reloaded

When relaxing what do you wear:
T-shirt & boy shorts

When turning in for the night what’s your choice… pajamas or birthday suit:
Birthday suit

What would be your idea of a romantic date:
Dinner on the beach

Favorite food:
Fried chicken

What is the next step in your career… modeling or otherwise:
Becoming a dental assistant