January 14, 2014
Tucker (17 articles)
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Tiffany Stage aka DivaGoddessGirl

We recently had the pleasure of finally meeting and photographing Ms. Tiffany Stage aka DivaGoddessGirl. And to those who follow her on FB and Twitter should know that Ms. Barrett keeps one hectic schedule, model, actress, teacher and dancer. With a schedule like that one has to appreciate any time granted by Ms. Barrett and we were determined to make full use of it.
Our first shot was eye candy, well more like Tiffany laying on a bed of candy. This came about as I shot something similar with another model. Who I just felt didn’t bring her A game to the shoot. So I posted a instagram pic of the original shot and inquired if any models would be interested in recreating it, to my surprise when Ms. Barrett said she’d love to shoot it. And let me tell you she killed, I was thoroughly impressed how things turned out. Again I should expect no less coming from a professional like Tiffany.
The second session was a bathtub filled with milk. Again Tiffany brought her A game and killed it. I only wish all models were as professional and pleasant to work with as Ms. Barrett. She flowed through one pose to another and was absolutely flawless in doing so.



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  • Marcus

    She is just overall beautiful!