January 14, 2014
Tucker (17 articles)

Mercedes Sedec

Fellas it’s rare that you find both a beautiful and funny model… I recently was blessed to find this in the lovely Mercedes Sedec. Truly this beauty is one that any man would love to call his own, eh nonetheless this is business so I’ll keep my fantasies to myself. The session with Mercedes Sedec was definitely one of the most sexiest and captivating ones I’ve had the pleasure of participating in. She is a true pro, moving from pose to pose with such ease and following direction like the shoot was scripted. Plus fellas this woman is so gosh darn beautiful, her hazel eyes, flawless skin. God bless the man that can call her his own. I hope he thanks GOD every damn day, beauty like hers is oh so hard to find.
I can definitely see Mercedes Sedec showing up in your favorite men’s magazine real soon.