January 13, 2014
Tucker (17 articles)


You know this session had to be special for our photographer to allow us to use his bed as a prop ( Sorry Tuck you do have a big ass bed though). This was our first time shooting with both Shakeena and Lissa BigRed on MUA duties. But both proved to be thorough in their work ethic. Actually we had so much fun on this shoot we shot deep into the evening and surprising enough Tuck had just enough Ciroc left that the crew owned the bottle.
Back to this lovely Puerto Rican & Dominican mix named Keena, she was such much fun to work with. She moved from pose to pose, taking direction very well and keeping the energy level high and did I mention she’s so damn beautiful. And I’m talking natural beauty and once you add makeup she just freaking glows. I know you’re going to love these photos and just wait till we get her in the studio….

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