January 14, 2014
Tucker (17 articles)

Chressia Models

Our photographer recently shot this lovely young model from Philadelphia named Chressia Models. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her (as I’m always being ushered from one meeting to the next) but from what our photographer has told me is that she is awesome to work with.

We recently hooked up with BlocSuite.com to have some of our models featured on their site so we decided to start with Chressia Models. Some boudoir scenes were done along with a few playful ones. All in all I know you’ll love her as I come to find myself adoring her!



Height 5’6
Bust 36
Hip 49

Relationship status … Single

Fav food Pizza
fav drink  Water & Peach Ciroc

Follow her on Twitter: @tychressia